My name is Ofir Klemperer (born Israel 1982, currently residing in Cincinnati OH), I am a composer, improviser, singer/song writer, and producer.

I compose and arrange for live performance and for studio recordings. My interest lies in combining aesthetics of musicians from different styles.

I write melodic lines, and through orchestrating classical instruments together with punk and electronics, I apply to my pop oriented music an experimental and noise approach.

Currently I perform with my MS20 synthesizer in several weekly and monthly residencies in Cincinnati’s venues and reach out around the mid-west from time to time. I collaborate with local musicians through improvisation, and feature innovative concepts for audience participation.

Recently I performed my piece A Love Song in NYC with Talea ensemble, in  MATA festival 2015, which got some nice reviews:

“Some of the most striking scores wove pop-culture influences into complex harmonic textures, as the Israeli composer Ofir Klemperer did in “A Love Song” (2007), which he sang with Talea Ensemble (…) Mr. Klemperer wanted to tap into the energy of 1970s punk rock, and so channeled Iggy Pop in his throat-stripping shouted vocal line. But the ensemble music was light years from the punk aesthetic: Tightly scored for violin, saxophone, flute, trombone and bass, its exacting, high-energy interplay demanded clockwork precision.”

Allan Kozinn, The Wall Street Journal

“(…) the “darkest” piece of the night (…) subtitled “a punk song for classical ensemble,” to be performed “as loud and violent as possible.” The latter posed no problems, especially for the deceptively mild-mannered composer, who plunged into a harrowing, misogynist vocal rant (augmented by a megaphone). Perhaps the most shocking sequence of the evening, I found it both sad and strangely touching.”

Bruce Hodges, Seen and Heard International

Ofir Klemperer joined the Talea Ensemble to sing his A Love Song, in which his brutal, hardcore and punk-styled vocals (sung largely through a bullhorn) were supported by intricately notated rhythms, played on indefinite pitches. Klemperer’s direction to the ensemble to play “as loud and violent [sic] as possible, constant crescendo” were carried out to the letter.”

Chistian Kriegeskotte, I Care If You Listen

I am a classically trained pianist, and performer of electronic music. My main instrument is the Korg MS-20, an analogue monophonic synthesizer, which I play in a physical fashion (switching knobs and wires frequently while I play).

I have a Master degree in composition from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. My main teachers were Martijn Padding, Gilius van Bergijk, Cornelis de Bondt, and Yannis Kyriakides.

Some of the ensembles I have written for are: Talea Elnsemble, the Asko|Schoenberg Ensemble, the Pow Ensemble, the Rosa EnsembleModelo62Ensemble Klang, and Orkest de Ereprijs.

I have formed bands that performed my music, which are: the Astronauts on Earth Orchestra, Gamila, Den Haag Allstars Ensemble, Chutzan, and  Naked Wolf.

You can find my releases in the free net-labels Headphonica and NOise Problems.
I am selling varied self-produced albums in shows and concerts, and in ofirklemerer.bandcamp.com.

In 2014 I have moved to the United States. I am currently located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Don’t hesitate to contact me – You can reach me at ofirklemperer[at]gmail.com.