Astronauts On Earth

Astronauts On Earth is the name of Ofir Klemperer’s- per-project ensemble.

Ofir works with different types of musicians, such as classically trained, free improvisers, sound artists, jazz, and rock/pop musicians – Astronauts who are living among us here on earth, and who are introducing a refreshing approach to the music performance practice – intimate, natural, communicative, and wild.

The character of each project varies between pop/rock songs, classical contemporary music, and concept-base performance.

For booking a project with Astronauts On Earth
Contact: ofirklemperer[at]

Here are a few examples from live performances:


“Sleep Tight” performed by Astronauts on Earth Orchestra

A pop/rock song accompanied by an improvisers orchestra


Leo Svirski: piano
David Pocknee: electric guitar
Asaf Gidron: bass guitar
SamSomething: drums
Marie Guilleray: voice

Mikael Szafirowski: electric guitar
Yedo Gisbon: Sax
Nicolau Laffeta: trumpet
Jose Gomes: baroque bassoon
James Hewitt: violin
Hollas Longton: violin
Angel Farraldo: electronics
Robert Blatt: electric guitar


“Tuning” performed by Astronauts on Earth Ensemble

Performed in HaTeiva, Yaffo june 2012

Matan Fox -guitar and voice
Tal Eisenberg – viola and voice
Amit Biton – piano and voice
Assaf Gidron – bass and voice
Yula Gidron – Synth and voice
Ofir Klemperer – piano and voice


Kokhavim Metsitsim VeKhavim” (Byalik) performed by Astronauts on Earth Ensemble

Performance in HaTeiva, Yaffo, June 2012
Matan Fox – piano
Tal Eisenberg – viola
Assaf Gidron – bass and synth
Yoni Silver – bass clarinet
Yula Gidron – voice
Ofir Klemperer – voice


Live Long-Layer-Multi-Track Recording in front of audience

Performed in Theater de Regentes, Den Haag.

Each layer was recorded as a solo performance in front of the audience, one after the other, while the musician has listened in headphones to different takes of fellow musicians.
In the end, the tape piece which included all the solos simultaneously, was played to the audience through the loud speakers.

The Musicians:
David Pocknee: electric guitar
Maya Felixbroadt: viola
James Hewitt: violin
Robert Blatt: electric guitar
Leo Svirski: piano
Marrie Guileray: voice


For booking a project with the Astronauts on Earth

Contact: ofirklemperer[at]