Improv Choir Workshop


Audio examples:


photo by Katherine Cunningham

The Workshop

The goal – to expand the musical conception and communication abilities of musicians through experiential training.

The workshop is to be set as a single and up to four sessions.

The workshop is meant for a large ensemble/choir (10 people or more) in any age and musical level from beginners to professionals. The participants will be asked to sing or play the instrument they specialize in.

In the workshop the participants will learn a wide range of hand signals or “signs”, which I will teach and deliver as a conductor. The signs indicate a variety of musical aspects such as a change in pitch, length, and velocity, but there are more abstract signs such as repetition, imitation, drastic change etc. The participants will not only learn the signs, but will also experiment with individualized ways of interpreting them through playing or singing. We will reflect on new ideas that will emerge in real time playing, and through experimentation, we will learn more signs.

The musicians will explore their own creativity through guided improvisation. They will practice the conduction aspect as well. Through the workshop, the musicians will develop their intuition, learn to listen in a deep manner, and will practice responding in a musical and compassionate way to others.

About the artist-

My name is Ofir Klemperer (born in Israel 1982). I am a composer and improviser.

I received my bachelor and Master degrees in music composition at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, the Netherlands.

Leaning heavily on the analogue synthesizer the Korg MS-20, my music is melodic in its core, and through orchestrating classical instruments along with punk-rock and electronics, I apply to my melodies an experimental approach and Noise.

I specialized in Orchestral Improvisation Conduction in my studies in the Netherlands, and nowadays I lead workshops for students in colleges and other educational programs. In my experience, this kind of workshop results with significant added value to the players and singers, as well as to conductors.

I live nowadays in Cincinnati Ohio. Please contact me for scheduling an explanatory appointment and further details at ofirklemperer[at]

Video examples:

1. Adults signing:

2. Children playing: